One morning at work a young adult male walked in looking for someone else. It just so happened that he saw us getting ready to bake and went crazy. He wanted to bake with us and said he LOVE making cookies. I offered him to stay and help to later find out he had no job and no place to live. He was 21 and homeless. He was so polite and friendly with such a positive attitude, I was shocked to know he was all alone and without the support of a family or a warm home. That was 6 weeks ago. He is now working for me full time, and has saved up almost enough money to move out of a shelter and into an shared apartment. I am so happy for him and he is so grateful and kind.  Everyday he shows up on time and is the loudest person that arrives at work at 8am shouting “Good Morning Everyone, and How Are We Doing Today!

He has taught us all how to leave our moods and stresses at the door and to just be grateful each day for what you have and for each other. All my employees have taken such a liking and concern for him that he has actually brought us all closer. We are now like a family.