My First Book of my series of books I am writing! I am so excited to share this book and hope there is a good lesson to be learned to help people with differences blend more naturally and be accepted more quickly. My books are real stories of my life and challenges and how I or we, My Mom and I overcame them.

So here I am! In Third Grade and being told I need a Para (that is an aid in the classroom). Well you can imagine I am not to happy about that and looking like I am different. How can I turn this around? Does it end up to be a good year? Well it does and its a great story that I remember so well. You will love it.

My Mom has been asked by so many people to share the decisions she made in raising me that helped me achieve total independence, and even become a business savvy person. So here is her book that she says is just that with no extra fluff. It is exactly just that…the 16 decisions she made in raising me that brought me to where I am!