I have been thinking about my next cookie for a year now and it has been decided: A Chocolate Brownie Cookie! Since I am a CHOCOLATE LOVER, this cookie would have to be perfect- chewy, soft, molten like, and rich. I have worked on this cookie for months now, and it has just not been good enough. I have been going through trials and trials to put together the exact recipe for the Brownie Cookie that I, myself, would LOVE.  Well I think I am finally in my last trials. I came up with what might be the final recipe, but I always love a secret ingredient, so I was not quite complete. It took a few days to think about this secret ingredient and what it would be, and I got it!  I made a few hundred of these cookies and gave them out to my team and many others for a taste test. They were loved by everyone, and I was told not to change a thing. So now, it is time for the travel test. How well will my new cookie do in packaging and shipping. Will it arrive still moist, and in good shape? Not crumbled or broken? So that was next. I sent out 5 boxes to taste testers from NY to CA. Well sadly the report back is they are awesome but arrived broken. They are so soft they fell apart. UGH!!! I really did not want to mess with the taste, but now I need to go back to trials and tweak my recipe, so the cookie stays soft and moist but does not fall apart. I am in that process now. I will make several small batches with several different ideas.

Once that recipe is tweaked, I will send out boxes again throughout the US to taste testers. Once the shipping is successful – we then work on scaling the recipe up to 300-500 per batch. That requires shifting and tweaking again. So that is up ahead for me, but I feel confident I am close to launching the new cookie and you are going to love it. Stay tuned…..